Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Art Samurai Homework part 2

Here are some assignments from doing Art Samurai. I feel I have a lot to learn 
and I always learn something new from each workshop.
Character Reinterpretation - Gossamer from Looney Tunes
The theme - character reinterpretation. Take a cute character and draw the bad-ass comic book version or take a bad-ass comic book character and draw the cute cartoon version. I like some aspects of what I did. I never totally understood Gossamer as a kid. He was a good monster because he freaked me out. I love how he is smart enough to wear good running shoes to chase after people!

Three guys running
Perspective is the theme here. There's a lot I learned from this assignment. If I were to redo it, I am sure it would be much better. Tom explained perspective better than "How To" books ever have. I fixed my horizon line. You can see my old line on there a little. This was a lesson that went "click". When I do people in perspective in the future I will take what I got from this week.

Demon Baby!
For this one the theme was Layout and Storytelling. Draw a sequential page depicting a monster cornering a helpless victim against the wall. Finish the page dramatically with a hero killing the monster! I tried to have fun with it by not picking traditional characters in the roles needed. The layout could be improved to read it better. I learned quite a bit and had FUN! 

I will continue to do the homework assignments as much as I can.

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