Saturday, December 15, 2012

Art Samurai

I just want to let everyone know about a new website that I have been lucky enough to help work on,  It's a live workshop that is affordable to artists who would like to learn from  comic book pro—Tom Nguyen. I know he is a good teacher. Why is that? Because, he taught me quite a bit! I may not be a pro comic book artist or a big name in art but I have been fortunate enough to make a living the past 13 years as an artist! In Spring of '98 Tom started teaching me how to do caricatures. I was hired in May '99 by Tom Richmond and I worked at ValleyFair and at the Mall of America.

Tom is a great teacher. I appreciate his patience with me and how he wants to help aspiring artists!
I wish something like this was around when I was in junior high so I didn't have to be a server at Embers, a warehouse worker at Burlington Coat Factory and Media Tech. Services, a pizza delivery driver at Domino's Pizza, a cookie maker at Ms. Field's, a busboy - cook- and "Bumper the Clown" at Circus Pizza, Hardee's employee, McDonald's employee, telemarketer at Stanley Steemer, and...that is not even half the list of jobs I had! Doing art is the only thing I have been able to be consistent with.

Whether you want to be a comic book artist or enjoy doing some other kinds of art, I am sure that you will benefit from Art Samurai. I thank Tom Nguyen for teaching me and Tom Richmond for teaching me and taking a chance with me!

In the future, will have more art instructors and video-on-demand. For now it is a week-to-week workshop that will generally be $20 for two hours. I think it's a good deal considering it could be a live changing move to becoming a professional artist. 

Tom Nguyen