Friday, May 30, 2008

How to Make a Drawing Desk

The previous posts I am explaining how to make a light weight drawing desk that you can go and do caricature gigs with! I tried to explain it the best I could including materials needed. I think I did okay, I am not IKEA or anything. You should be able to make it after visiting The Home Depot and an art store.

Click on the images to make larger.

How to Make a Drawing Desk - What you'll need

How to Make a Drawing Desk - Directions

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Figure Drawing

Sara Jean Underwood

Figure drawing is important. That's is the only reason I occasionally get a Playboy. Seriously. There's some good cartoons and jokes in there too.

Karate Master

This Karate master I did for a ToonWeekly challenge.

Once Upon a Time...

ToonWeekly challenge of "cowboys." I took inspiration from Once Upon a Time in the West.

Darth Chalet

Another illo for TW. The challenge was to make a Sith.

Captain A-Hole!

I joined to keep doing character design for fun.

Sketching of features

Practicing drawing noses, hands, and eyes.

Chester Jekyll

My Jekyll character from Silver's class

Fat Joe

I took Stephen Silver's character design class through It was an awesome class and I will post some of the work I did in it here.

I recommend it to artists of any skill level who want to improve their craft.

New Blog, new self caricature

I wanted to create a new caricature that is not in my typical style. I am trying to go more and more cartoony.