Tuesday, January 12, 2010

OTT Illo preview

Here's a couple illustrations I did for the book I am currently working on with SDC.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Go Figure Sunday

I had my first figure drawing session of the year. I have been going consistently for 6 months now! I think it has really helped me. I notice it when I am drawing my simple cartoony illustrations and need to create a body I am a bit less reliant on reference. (Still use reference when needed)

I started figure drawing because a teacher I had preached about it. I took Stephen Silver's class a little over a year ago, I think, and that was a HUGE jumping off point. I feel I am on an upward curve.

A great teacher is of no use though if you don't listen and do what they say. Sometimes they may not make sense and it may be out of your comfort zone but if you do it, you grow!

Okay. I am not one to act like I have it all figured out. I just continue to try to get better.
I will let Silver inspire you and help you with his wisdom.