Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Blog finally updated!

 This is a digital painting commission I did for  a client of their granddaughter.
It was a gift for her daughter. There is a story behind her outfit! I did slight exaggerating 
to it but it's basically more realistic.
(photo is a bit blurry, actual print is not)
I usually don't frame the art for my clients, but I did in this case.
Clients may want specialty framing and matting done.
Delivery costs can make it more expensive too. 
If clients are local and willing to pay more, I will do it for them.

This caricature styled family portrait  has the same little girl as before.
Here is a big moment for them when they sold their house.

These are some custom clip art illustrations for General Mills. I am trying to evolve my cartooning but
I need to have newer characters interact with ones I did years ago.

I have done some updates to my website. I recently worked for a PC gaming/software distributor doing packaging design. I put a couple example up. Please check it out when you get the chance!