Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Art Samurai Homework part 1

Here are some assignments from doing Art Samurai. I feel I have a lot to learn 
and I always learn something new from each workshop.

Original Wicked Witch and 2013 Wicked Witch
The theme for this week's assignment was compare and contrast.
Have the classic Wicked Witch interact with the current movie.

I focused on getting good likenesses in the faces and costumes but should've added more to their positioning and poses. It could be much more dynamic and dramatic!

Gesture drawings of boxers, a gymnast and a cat. 
Character sketch from a gesture drawing.
The theme for this one was to do gesture sketches off of reference provided.
I think I did okay. I think they could have more flow and movement to them. I think I could take my character sketch a bit farther too.

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