Thursday, September 12, 2013 Homework For Sept. 4th

Here is my homework for for Sept. 4th.

The theme was storytelling and layout.
The assignment was: Imagine what it'd be like for a superhero (established or your own) to either change into or out of costume. Draw a one-page sequential of this character changing, and create a story around it. Use as many panels as needed. Be creative and have fun!

What I originally turned in for my assignment.

After the workshop I decided I wanted to do revisions to it based on critiques from instructor Tom Nguyen and what I learned from the critiques given to the other students. (Plus some other stuff I just wanted to do!)

I changed Bruce Banner's hair to something more like Mark Ruffalo's. I tweaked the face a bit too. I wanted to have the Hulk's face changed to face straight because that is the "money shot". (I also feel I wasn't pulling off the upward shot.) It's all about practice and trying to get better. It was a good exercise.

Revised Hulk transformation.

The workshops are fun and challenging. I want to improve with each assignment and make the assignments into prints that I could possibly sell. I recommend doing the workshops and doing the same!  :)

Here's my third take on it. After more workshops I feel I am getting better. If I redo it again,  I should just start from scratch! 

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