Thursday, October 22, 2009

OX Tattoo

My Cousin Andrew got a tattoo that I design for him. He had a sketch of a cool designed ox head he wanted. I made designs based off that. His chinese zodiac is the Ox. I made two designs and we ended up combining parts together to create one good one. He is going to get shading added later. I think he is going to omit the red glowing eyes which is good. It kinda looks like a Terminator ox skull with them. I know that writing on the forehead is Japanese (Kanji) but it works and that's what he wanted. After the shading is added I will post the pics.

You can check out Tattoo artist Kevin Rehbein's work here!
He did an excellent job. His studio is located in Forest Lake, MN.

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robb miller said...

This is my number one post! This gets the most views out of any other post. No comments though. Would you like more tattoo designs you can steal and use? What kind?

This was inspired by a few artists' work. I wish I could remember their names in order to give credit. If I find the few samples that inspired this, I will share.