Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Memory sketch bust

On my way back from the NCN Con. I had a layover in Atlanta. I decided I wanted to do a memory sketch. As I walked to my gate I looked at various people. Then...there he was! A guy I needed to draw. So I took a mental snap shot and went to a restaurant and drew on the placemat. I did a quick drawing and then to my surprise, the guy I randomly chose to draw sat right next to me! This SOB wrecked my memory sketch! I didn't have to draw from memory when he's right friggin' there! What a jerk.

I snuck* a quick pic of him and acted like I was just trying to figure out my camera.

*Sure it's a word.

1 comment:

Joe Bluhm said...

Haha! I'd see that as a great opportunity to get the details, but I guess you're right- that WOULD wreck a memory sketch! haha.